Excel Anesthesia has both full and part-time CRNA positions currently available with locations in both Kansas and Missouri.
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Serving the Kansas City area for more than 17 years, Excel Anesthesia is an accomplished group of anesthesia providers who are comfortable providing service independently. Being a member of Excel may not be for everyone. Joining an independent contractor group requires careful consideration of many factors, but with support from fellow peers, making this career change can be a seamless, efficient and, ultimately, successful process!

Among the many advantages of joining Excel Anesthesia as a CRNA, is the reassurance of knowing that their peers have “been there”. Excel CRNAs understand the difficulties and rewards of becoming an independent contractor. Working for Excel Anesthesia makes sense if you are a CRNA/MDA who:

  • Wants more ownership over their patient interaction and a sense that their patients are their own
  • Wants more control of their earning potential
  • Wants more autonomy and opportunity in their career

CRNAs and MDAs

Excel Anesthesia, LLC is an anesthesia company that knows you are an individual and not just a provider. We understand there are MDAs and CRNAs that prefer the team approach and there are those who wish to practice solo. Regardless of which practice model you prefer, we have a position available that will allow you to utilize your own experience and expertise.

Excel is always looking to hire qualified Independent Contractor CRNAs and MDAs who are interested in working for themselves. We provide service for many hospitals and outpatient facilities located in Kansas and Missouri to include Topeka, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Warrensburg, and Sedalia and are expanding to include St. Louis MO, Oklahoma, and nationwide government contracting. Types of cases include Ophthalmic, Podiatric, General, ENT, Ortho, Plastics, and GI. We are willing to train providers in the various specialized techniques and offer superior peer support to our new staff. On-call is available but not a requirement for hire. Excel Anesthesia, LLC offers competitive compensation that is dependent upon the type of work desired, the level of commitment such as full or part- time, the level of training specific to the position offered, education, competence, and numbers of years of experience.

  • Compensation may include reimbursement for malpractice premiums
  • Time Off/Additional Opportunities for work during scheduled time off
  • Individualized training and support

Full-time individual annual earnings start at $180,000 per 46 weeks of availability and is negotiated according to skill-set and flexibility. In addition to this salary, is a reimbursement bonus for malpractice premiums up to $5,000/year.

Locations in which service is provided are Kansas City, Topeka, St. Joseph, Warrensburg, and Sedalia areas. Case volume is varied and includes Ophthalmic, GI, Urology, ENT, and Multi-specialty. It is not necessary to be able to perform all types of services to work for Excel as the position can be customized based on individual skill set.

Skill sets vary depending on the facility, and range from pediatric, adult and geriatric, and include general, regional, MAC and ophthalmic regional anesthetics. Outpatient surgery centers, office-based and hospital settings are available.

There are also opportunities for larger more complex case types through occasional relief work at the larger local Kansas City hospitals. Excel works under both the Anesthesia Care team and solo/ non-medically directed CRNA models of anesthesia delivery models. Skill-set and geographical location of the CRNA hired will play a role in customizing the right facility placement for that particular CRNA hired.

Preferred Kansas and Missouri license but must at least have Missouri license in order to apply. Must have at least two years of experience working and be comfortable working independently. On-call is negotiable and is only taken for one rural hospital that does not do OB. If interested, complete the following application questionnaire and an Excel representative will contact you to further discuss. All responses will remain confidential.

Thank you for your interest!

Full-Time & Part-Time Benefits

  • Autonomy
  • Flexibility
  • Control over your own practice
  • Positive Peer Relationships and CEU credits in staff meetings
  • Referral fee of $2,000 for CRNA recruitment
  • Referral fee of $2,500 for Facility recruitment
  • Assistance with your Business Set-Up
  • Great tax benefits!!!