Please call 911 in the event of any emergency that requires immediate medical attention.

For medical assistance or answers to any concerns you may have after your procedure, please do not hesitate to call your physician’s office.

When receiving any moderate and deep sedation analgesia your safety is most important. Your anesthesia provider ensures your safety by using monitoring devices. In fact, your anesthesia provider will be responsible for controlling your level of consciousness and will use these monitors to keep a vigilant watch on vital signs (such as heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen levels of your blood).

You will be given instructions by your doctor or a member of the anesthesia team. Please refrain from smoking until otherwise directed.

Your anesthesia provider is a key member of your clinical care team. They are responsible for administering and monitoring the anesthetic medications to keep you comfortable and a member of your anesthesia health care team will stay with you for the entire procedure.

Team members are specially trained to ensure your maximum safety and comfort during your procedure and will individually modify your anesthetic based on a variety of settings that include your age and every important body function. Rest assured they will provide anesthesia tailored to meet your specific needs.