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Help us end the Pandemic! Get Vaccinated!

Opinion By Dr. Jean Covillo, CRNA When our choices as individuals overwhelmingly threaten the health and prosperity of our society ~ one must question whether these choices, are indeed, truly “personal.” Every day I see, hear, and read about folks angrily defending their rights as U.S. citizens to make their own decisions, live their own […]

Missouri Medicaid Expansion-Approved by Voters – Opposed by Legislators

By Jean Covillo, DNAP, MA, CRNA March 27, 2021 Until Medicaid expansion actually takes effect, non-disabled adults without children are not eligible for Medicaid in Missouri (MO HealthNet) regardless of how low their income is, and parents with dependent children are only eligible with incomes that don’t exceed 22 percent of the poverty level.  Do […]

CRNA Identity Threats

Urgent Priority Initiative: Updates Needed for CRNA Modifier Codes By Jean Covillo, DNAP, MA, APRN, CRNA The ASA’s rationale for a dominant position in the market depends on their ability to provide evidence of improved outcomes relative to CRNAs.  “This is not too difficult if the evidence collected contains ambiguously generated  data  from two separate […]

Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection: Eliminating Medical Direction Anesthesia Delivery Models.

By Jean Covillo, DNAP, MA, CRNA Any healthcare facility that employs Anesthesia Assistants is trapped into using ONLY the costly medical direction model! Currently, there are approximately 54 million Medicare enrollees, but by 2030, this will rise to nearly 80 million.1 Medicare reimbursement rates for anesthesia services are 25-35% the amount received from commercial payers. […]

Do the Vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna Use Embryonic Stem Cells or Fetal Tissue? The Answer is No.

Dispeling myths associated with Covid vaccine development. Compiled by Jean Covillo, DNAP(C), CRNA I have encountered a lot of folks who have expressed concern related to receiving these vaccines due to misinformation they have read regarding vaccine development and the erroneous belief that embryonic stem cells are used to make the vaccine.  I want to […]

CRNA Reimbursement Rates- How well do you fare?

Tip:  The cart goes behind the horse! By Jean Covillo, DNAP (C), CRNA Many studies exist that address salaries and other compensation benefits associated with the CRNA profession when practicing as an employee or an independent contractor.1 But no published studies exist that address CRNA-led practices that receive compensation through direct billing reimbursement. The percentage […]

NO JUSTICE-Criminally Prosecuting Healthcare Providers for System-Wide Failures

Jean Covillo, MA, CRNA, APRN There is a growing trend towards prosecuting healthcare providers in the criminal court system for errors and mistakes. Although there are many published articles written both in support and opposition of this practice, there is a compelling argument to be made for eliminating it.  Criminally prosecuting healthcare providers for medical […]

Critical Factors in Healthcare Reform

What the Politicians aren’t telling you. Written by Jean Covillo The US healthcare system spends more dollars than any other developed country yet ranks the worst in healthcare outcomes. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, which regularly ranks healthcare systems across the world’s 11 most developed countries, the US is also the […]