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Remodeling Anesthesia Delivery

Eliminating Anesthesia Subsidies By Jean M. Covillo, CRNA, MA, ARNP As CMS is considering measures of efficiency, Excel Anesthesia LLC offers insight, along with cost-effective recommendations, for remodeling the anesthesia care delivery practice model.  These suggestions take a closer look at the various existing anesthesia practice models, especially those requiring subsidies. Literature indicates that CRNAs […]

Join me at the AANA Mid-year Assembly April 5-9, 2014

Post Written by Jean Covillo, Managing Partner for Excel Anesthesia I look forward to seeing many of my fellow CRNAs at the AANA Mid-Year Assembly in Arlington, VA at the Crystal Gateway Marriott. The Mid-Year Assembly informs attendees about legislative issues affecting nurse anesthesia practice, encourages them to become advocates for the nurse anesthesia practice and […]

Karen Parker and The Eye Team – Medical Mission to Haiti

Karen Parker, one of the partners at Excel Anesthesia, participated in a medical mission in Haiti as part of a group called The Eye Team. Karen and the team spent a week visiting the Haiti Christian Mission in St. Louis du Nord.  They performed some much needed eye surgeries on children and adults. In total, […]

A Word of Caution to State Legislators from the FTC

State Legislators should carefully evaluate proposals to limit Advanced Practice Nurse’s scope of practice. Please read the update sent from the American Nurse Association. On Friday, March 7, the FTC issued a staff paper approved by the Commission 4-0, titled The release stated, “Federal Trade Commission staff has issued a policy paper suggesting that state […]

Waste not, want not. Don’t dispose of your PCs… Repurpose.

Post Written by Brant Myers, Director of Operations for Excel Anesthesia Part of my role at Excel Anesthesia is to maintain and manage the IT stuff around the office. Over the last year we have improved our workflow by changing some of the applications we use on a daily basis. As it happens, our old […]

What’s in a name? – CRNA, AA, Nurse Anesthetist or Anesthetist, the difference is significant.

What’s in a name? CRNA, AA, Nurse Anesthetist or Anesthetist? Warning! The pristine patient safety record that certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) have historically achieved is at risk.  Currently all reputable studies show; there is no difference in patient outcomes when CRNAs provide care to patients individually vs. CRNAs who provide care under the medical […]

Staff Profile: Jenny West – Practice Coordinator

Jenny West Time With Company: Since August 2009 Position: Practice Coordinator How Jenny Started Working for Excel:  Jenny was working in Corporate Woods in 2008.  Her boss interviewed with Excel Anesthesia and decided it wasn’t a fit, but she thought Jenny would be.  Jenny met with Excel Anesthesia and knew right away that it was […]

March 7th – MoANA Town Hall Meeting

Join us for any part of our informative Happy Hour session on the Plaza to discuss important legislative issues directly impacting our profession.Regardless of when you can arrive, it is important for us to remain connected and united. MoANA understands the issues that are currently affecting our practice and needs your voice, your involvement, and […]

Jean Covillo Testifies to Support Recent APRN Bill

An important bill was introduced to the house recently that affects APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse). Jean Covillo was asked by MOANA to testify in support of the bill. (Yes,Jean has been to the Missouri Capitol twice, in as many weeks, in the month of February). Senate Bill 700/House Bill 1481, APRN Barrier-free Collaborative Practice […]

MoANA Lobby Day 2014 – Lobbying for CRNAs

Jean Covillo, owner of Excel Anesthesia, attended the 2014 MOANA Lobby Day in Jefferson City on February 5, 2014.  It was a day to talk to lawmakers about issues affecting CRNAs MOANA held a reception on Tuesday evening which drew a large turnout of legislators. Although the official “Lobby Day” was cancelled due to heavy […]