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NO JUSTICE-Criminally Prosecuting Healthcare Providers for System-Wide Failures

Jean Covillo, MA, CRNA, APRN There is a growing trend towards prosecuting healthcare providers in the criminal court system for errors and mistakes. Although there are many published articles written both in support and opposition of this practice, there is a compelling argument to be made for eliminating it.  Criminally prosecuting healthcare providers for medical […]

Critical Factors in Healthcare Reform

What the Politicians aren’t telling you. Written by Jean Covillo The US healthcare system spends more dollars than any other developed country yet ranks the worst in healthcare outcomes. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, which regularly ranks healthcare systems across the world’s 11 most developed countries, the US is also the […]

Excel Anesthesia is Hiring! Join Our “ALL CRNA” Practice!

Excel is hiring qualified CRNAs to join our expanding practice in Kansas and Missouri! CRNAs applying must have at least 2 years experience and be comfortable working in non-medically directed settings and have at minimum a valid Missouri license (preferably both Kansas and Missouri). Currently, we are seeking both FT and Part-Time positions in Kansas […]

“BLING-UP!” While Helping Advance Missouri CRNA Practice!

  “Get your bling-on” in the operating room with this beautiful custom-made crystal, rhinestone pin!  This sparkling, “eye- catching, attention- getter” will surely raise the opportunity to  educate your patients as to what CRNAs are and the valuable service we provide. All pins have clear  dazzling stones and are silver plated.  Priced at $79 each […]

Missouri Nurses Association Statement on Ebola and Nurse Preparedness Information, Resources, and How You Can Help

Missouri Nurses Association Statement on Ebola and Nurse Preparedness The Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) continues to monitor the global health crisis of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). We take an active role in addressing the safety needs of our nurses and their patients. As Ebola has spread to the United States, MONA has reached out to […]


Missouri Nurses demonstrated how personal party affiliation can be set aside in this year’s mid-term election.  Both Republican and Democrat nurses came together last night in support of Dr. Robert (Bob) Stuber.  They, better than anyone, know that it is not about the party this year; instead it is about the critical issues affecting the […]

ROB SCHAAF- Holding Missouri Hostage

Posted by Jean Covillo October 10, 2014   Nearly 300,000 working MISSOURI adults will spend another year locked out of access to affordable health care because their income level places them in a coverage gap. WHY? Because two men are obstructing the path to Medicaid Expansion and holding Missouri Hostage! Missouri had a path to […]